Size down of 4K videos without affecting the quality

By using SPIDER before the encoding process, for same encoding software or method, usual 50% bit rate reduction can be achieved without any degradation in quality. The platforms that are currently used; like YouTube or Vimeo, that have proprietory encoders, the same results can be achieved.

High precision output can be achieved for new videos as well as old videos

時代背景映像1931-1349/ラプソディ・ダムール ©SVAC
La violetera/CITY LIGHTS ©SVAC
As time goes by/CASABLANCA ©SVAC
ザ・ガードマン ©SVAC
KATHLEEN BATTLE-Del cabello mas sutil ©SVAC
Swing Time (1965) ©SVAC
Swing Time (1937)©SVAC
Video Sample