SPIDER IP LIBRARY can be used on existing cloud service, online service or iOS, Android application implementation is also possible.

Cloud Service
iOS Android
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For any other uses For customers who want to use the service

License for companies, manufacturers

Our product is for customers who want to use it directly for by embedding into their existing products.

Licensing for partners

We support vendors who want to sell our product by packaging into their own, or become our reseller partners.

Conditions for licensing

License for companies:

For companies who provide services in broadcasting, VOD, production, security, medical services etc. Main industries: Broadcasting company, post-production, internet transmission companies, research facilities, security related companies etc.

Developer license:

For developers, cloud or IDC, device development service manufacturer or vendor companies are supported.
Main industries: All vendors, device manufacturing, retailer companies or cloud companies.

Reseller license:

For companies who are interested in reseller partner for our products.
Main industries: Trading companies, advertising agencies, companies interested in foreign trading

Other licenses:

For companies other than listed, please contact us directly at below mentioned details.

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For customers interested in our products, please contact us by clicking the below button.

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